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Anastasia Date is a marriage agency featuring a selection of beautiful women from Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR. The agency says that all women are interviewed and are genuine. Men can join for free, but pay to communicate with women of their choice. The company provides services such as interpreters and travel assistance for a fee.

AnastasiaDate matches Eastern European girls (mostly from Russia, Ukraine and ex Soviet countries), with foreign husbands. The website, previously known as AnastasiaWeb.com has been online since 1993, and is owned by a Russian/American company known as Anastasia International.

About Anastasia

The company prides itself on the integrity of its service - something that is ever important due to the large number of reported scams involving mail order bride agencies.

Anastasia tells us that they thoroughly check every woman who wants to register on their site to ensure the lady is real, and has genuine motives for wishing to join.

Анастасия дейт сайт знакомств один

They also point out that less reputable marriage agencies have been known to register women without making thorough checks, and even turn a blind eye to deceptive practices going on within their site.

Getting Started

For men, registering on the site takes a few moments, and is free. Men appear in the “Gentleman's Catalog”, which female members are able to view. As a free member, you will initially have limited access to the site, but you'll be able to browse and search for ladies. You'll also see who has sent you messages, and be able to create a favorites list.

Almost all communication with other members, including reading mail messages, and viewing videos, requires the purchase of credits through the secure online payment system.

Overall Impression

Overall the website is well laid out and simple to use. The women's profiles are complete and informative, all with high-quality photos, and some even with videos. The search tool allows you to narrow your options by specifying things such as the lady's location, physical appearance, even her weight and zodiac sign.

Once you've found a prospective match, you can send her an email or make a reservation for a telephone call.

Anastasia has a phone translation service and provides clients with a well-qualified interpreter who will help to make thoughts clear to the lady. Should your relationship blossom and you decide to meet face to face, never fear Anastasia will even help with your travel arrangements.


While there are a number of foreign bride sites to be found, Anastasia International has been established for many years and is certainly one of the leaders in the industry.

The downside is that most activity (including each individual contact) on the site requires credits, and these are spent very quickly - the process can therefore be expensive.

Анастасия дейт сайт знакомств два

RLT November 29th, 2013

The agency then contacts the lady and tells her they have an interested party and does she want to correspond with him. This took me approximately 3 letters to actually contact my future wife. She was a professional model and business owner in Russia and not out looking for a free ride from a foreign man. She was very sincere in her quest for a future husband.

We met in Moscow on an Anastasia Tour and decided to pursue a green card for her to come to the US and meet my family and within the 90 day window of a K-1 visa decided to marry or part ways.

The dating service, attorneys they recommended both tried to influence her not to come to the US and marry me but to remain with the service as she was evidently a popular girl that generated a lot of revenue.

The girls are real and my recommendation is don't waste time on the site. Go to the desired country and attend the socials meet girls face to face and spend time with them developing a personal relationship. Get private email and phone numbers and avoid the pitfalls of the interpreters and website charges.

Go directly to a phone conversation and get her direct contact information.
Learn to speak her language or have her learn English so you can communicate directly.

Анастасия дейт сайт знакомств два

Pavel January 10th, 2012

Анастасия дейт сайт знакомств два

Pavel January 10th, 2012

Gentelmen, I am a native Russian speaker and visit Odessa twice a year. I relied on this site Anastasia and spent certain amount of money. Later i learned how it works. It is almost impossible to meet anyone there. Anastasia buys profiles from small local agencies. Anastasia do not even have offices in most cities they operate. Most ladies are paid for correspondence, chat participation, answering phone calls, and even for date with you.

Very often lady is not even aware of you, local agency managers are using their profiles to their advantage. You exchange letters and talk either w local dating agency staff or w girl who is paid for that.

When you participate in their tours, most girls (for Odessa) are hired in small cities (Kherson, Nikolaev and so on) for the event. They are paid for dating from the same money you paid for the introduction (I've heard something like 150 hrivna - about $20).

It is impossible to meet a sincere person there. You are going to lose your money to the greedy female or to indecent local agency. That's why when you arrive, woman already left city for some reason until your vacation is over.

Анастасия дейт сайт знакомств два

GrahamR December 23rd, 2011

Why you should use Anastasiadate

I've been having a fabulous time using Anastasiadate. I can't help thinking that some of the comments on here are from people who have never even tried to use this service.

If you are genuinely looking for a wife
If you actually have enough money for this process
If you are prepared to travel to meet her
If you understand that there is no such thing as a "Mail Order Bride"

Then, you could be successful.

I have used all the agencies, but Anastasia is the only one who actually has real women, and that's why they are the most expensive. But you get what you pay for.

Анастасия дейт сайт знакомств два

jim_4393 October 6th, 2011

Анастасия дейт сайт знакомств два

Mister_4740 January 10th, 2012

Replied to jim_4393 jim You're a girl from the Ukraine named "Jim"? Very interesting.

The site is terribly expensive. But the services are great and Girls are real.
A cautionary statement: many of the girls are upwardly mobile. Look for signs of Hollywood ambitions as a red flag. I know of a handful of men that married former soviet women and all failed after the green card. I have a handful of things i look for. Good luck.

Анастасия дейт сайт знакомств два

Dave_4475 October 28th, 2011

Анастасия дейт сайт знакомств два

Анастасия дейт сайт знакомств два

JamesN February 13th, 2012

Анастасия дейт сайт знакомств два

Madril November 23rd, 2010

Анастасия дейт сайт знакомств два

SirMarjAlot November 20th, 2010

Анастасия дейт сайт знакомств два

Mister_4740 January 10th, 2012

Replied to SirMarjAlot Think of it like this. The service is entirely free to the women. If it was free, would you like to keep chatting? They do.
When i started, i implied the commission system- like some of the bars around the army bases in days of old. They were genuinely confused. I even offered them money rather than giving it to the site. I have chatted with almost 100 girls on the site, each one is different.

The site operates 100% off of the money they make from men. They use if for a professional photo shoot, translation services and even have physical locations in most towns in the Ukraine where girls can go chat if they do not have a computer. This is different than a porn chat where they are in little studios, they more like computers at the library so the girls will talk with their neighbor while they wait for your reply.

There are 20,000 husband seekers on the site now. There are 3.5 million more single women in the Ukraine than there are single men. Many Women put a high value on having children, and the competition for mates is fierce. The site offered them several programs to help them find chat partners faster. Eventually you will be able to tell the comments generated by these programs; some are pretty creative: "Bob; do you like me?" or "Your age, 50 is good for starting family." the programs nab some info from your profile to appear to be personal. But you'll figure this out eventually.

I was a skeptic also, for the same reasons as you. But i wasted some credits exploring this with some of the more advanced English speakers.

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