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of Serbian nationalism. 90 Military structures and fortifications on the islands of Heligoland and D√ľne were to be destroyed. The German Kaiserliche Marine was mainly restricted to the German Bight and used commerce raiders and unrestricted submarine warfare for a counter-blockade. Gustav Bauer, the head of the new japan wireless promo code government, sent a telegram stating his intention to sign the treaty if certain articles were withdrawn, including Articles 227, 230 and 231.

137 138 There was immense dissatisfaction with Duan Qirui s government, which had secretly negotiated with the Japanese in order to secure loans to fund their military campaigns again the south. 46 The French were willing to accept a smaller amount of reparations than the Americans would concede and Clemenceau was willing discuss Germany capacity to pay with the German delegation, before the final settlement was drafted. 152 Prince Eustachy Sapieha, the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, alleged that Soviet Russia "appeared to be intentionally delaying negotiations" to end the Polish-Soviet War "with the object of influencing the Upper Silesian plebiscite". Citation needed These sharpening ethnic conflicts would lead to public demands to reattach the annexed territory in 1938 and become a pretext for Hitlers annexations of Czechoslovakia and parts of Poland. As a result the sum was split into different categories, of which Germany was only required to pay 50 billion gold marks (US12.5 billion this being the genuine assessment of the Commission on what Germany could pay, and allowed the Allied powers to save face.

President Friedrich Ebert knew that Germany was in an impossible situation. Thirty Persons Witness Momentous Act in Frelinghuysen Living Room at Raritan". A b David Thomson, Europe Since Napoleon. 85 86 Germany was to demobilize sufficient soldiers by to leave an army of no more than 100,000 men in a maximum of seven infantry and three cavalry divisions. Henig, Versailles and After: (London: Routledge, 1995). In March 1935, Germany reintroduced conscription followed by an open rearmament programme, the official unveiling of the Luftwaffe (air force and signed the Anglo-German Naval Agreement that allowed a surface fleet 35 of the size of the Royal Navy.

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